therapeutic ...

Swedish | This classic full-body massage is both gentle and soothing. Using light to medium pressure, long gliding strokes and kneading this massage relieves tender muscles of stress and tension while encouraging relaxation.
60 | 90 minute $70 | $100

Therapeutic | Invigorate your muscles while releasing tension and stress with this deep, focused full-body massage.  Deep pressure and various techniques are designed to release tight, fatigued muscles and joints while improving circulation and increasing vitality.
60 | 90 minute $70 | $100

Signature | Rejuvenate, relax and renew with the perfect blend of classic Swedish and Therapeutic. This signature massage uses a combination of techniques to meet your specific needs.
60 | 90 minute $70 | $100

Lymphatic Drainage | This massage stimulates the lymph system with extremely light, pumping movements. Stimulating the lymphatic system helps drain puffy, swollen tissues, supports the body's immune system and aids in the body's natural waste removal [detoxification].
60 minute $70

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spa ...

Aroma Wrap | Surrender yourself to pure bliss! Silk gloves are used to polish and prepare the skin to receive a warm aromatic oil massage. Warm sheets are then wrapped around you allowing the oil to penetrate the skin, leaving you revitalized.
90 minute $120

Sacred Stone | Transcend into bliss with this hot stone massage. Warm aromatic oils are used to melt away tension. Stones and Crystals are specifically placed to clear blockages and increase circulation, radiance and vitality.
90 minute $120

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women's wellness ...

Fertility | This specialized treatment is a natural approach to balancing a woman's cycle and creating optimal reproductive health. Deep tissue techniques are used to clear adhesions and congestion while reflexology points are stimulated to cleanse and prepare hormones and organs for conception.
60 minute $70

Pregnancy | Renew the sweetness of life with this customized massage. Techniques are modified to suit the many stages of pregnancy providing a cascade of benefits for both mother and child.
60 | 90 minute $70 | $100

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